Thursday, 17 March 2016

Managed Security Service Provider - Veeras Infotek

Managing information and protecting it from external threats is one of the biggest challenges faced by many organizations today. A study conducted by Mcafee and Centre for Strategic and 
International Studies estimates the loss to the global economy due to cyber-attack and hacking is estimated to be more than $300 Billion.

Managed Security Service Provider

Many organizations incur huge losses and come to a standstill due to cyber-attacks. Organizations hire a strong in-house IT team to take care of their information security challenges and protect it from threats.

However, the costs incurred in recruiting, training and maintaining such an IT team is exorbitant. IT teams also need to remain vigilant round the clock to monitor for potential threats and vulnerabilities.Many organizations are looking at a better alternative to manage their information security. They concentrate on their core business activities in-house and outsource managing information security to a specialized service provider.

These managed security service provider protect the information from threats, find out vulnerabilities in the organization’s network and patches them so that they cannot be exploited. The network is monitored 24/7, reports generated and analyzed, so that they can find out about potential threats and attacks even before they happen.

Most organizations find that making use of these service providers are more cost effective and efficient than deploying an in-house IT team to manage security.

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