Thursday, 15 December 2016

Benefits of having a IT support service provider

Due to market saturation, it becomes important for any business to maximise technology adoption and stay ahead of competition with a keen sense of core business objectives in mind to achieve it. Which is why it becomes imperative to have an IT department in place to take care of down times proactively. But maintenance of a dedicated in-house IT department is too expensive, time consuming and inefficient, to solve this problem a business can use the services of a professional IT support services like OPSNOC.

Benefits of IT Support

As it helps you have the following benefits:
  • Using a professional IT support service provider your staff becomes free to spend time and energy on core business activities.
  • Gain better ROI by having access to broad and deep knowledge bases. Which is far more efficient than an in-house capability.
  • Having down times can be very devastating to a business and having a professional IT support services gives you proactive monitoring and management on the health of the network, storage, security and disaster recovery 24/7 which reduces downtimes.
  •  Induction of staff and investment in infrastructure might double your budget. Hence having an ITsupport service provider can help you budget costs and control it compared to an in-house capability.
  •  Improve scalability with IT support services as having in-house technical capabilities will increase the dilemma in case of unplanned events.
  •  A business can improve their productivity with lesser down times when compared to an in-house technical capability.
  •  Have access to specialized talent than compared to an expensive in house technical team.
  •  Have an edge with your competitors through IT support services as the service provider knows how to implement the latest hardware, software and network applications seamlessly without down times.
  •  New recruits when entering a company weigh its technology prowess heavily and having a IT support service provider can help you retain them considerably high.
  • Enjoy access to technology with a good IT support service provider and leverage its relationship with vendors like Microsoft, Cisco and other majors. 
With so many advantages of having an IT support service provider you can leverage on their expertise and experience rather than investing heavily in resources to have an edge with your competitors in improving performance, efficiency and up times while you deliver the product or service.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Components of Remote Infrastructure Management in relation to a business

When it comes to disaster management will you consider an inexperienced technician or an experienced technician. If you choose the latter option, then Remote infrastructure management (RIM) is the right solution for you as they have more experience in handling seamless integration of IT resources better than an in-house technician. Most of today’s CIO’s have started to recognise that a RIM service provider is the best option to take care of IT resources. A good testament would be the moving of many SMB and large enterprise’s Infrastructure needs to employing a RIM service provider in recent times than investing heavily in IT resources to reduce costs. 

Component of RIM
IT service desk is the first point of contact for a business and it is where the handling of incidents, requests and providing of an interface for other ITIL processes happens. Through server management a RIM service provider monitors, maintains, secures and optimizes the server along with server setup tasks. A RIM service provider oversees your desktops, laptops and other computing devices as a part of desktop management remotely to improve uptimes. By storage management a RIM service provider virtualises, duplicates and compresses storage to utilize it in a better way. With the help of a Network Operation centre a RIM service provider monitors and mitigate security incidents as a part of security management for a business and maintain its data integrity to have a competitive edge. Because of network management a RIM service provider alerts administrators to anomalies and help take a preventive measure before the problem escalates, which increases the success of the business in the long term. 

OPSNOC is a Remote Infrastructure management service by Veeras that takes care of your Infrastructure needs and helps you achieve your core business objectives effectively.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

How Infrastructure solutions from a Remote Infrastructure Management service provider can decrease your problems

When a business faces downtime it can impact the output of the business in terms of business activity and its delivery with reduced ROI. Investing in a skilled workforce and technology will increase the expenses and the time to implement it on an organisational level. It is a major problem for any business because it is not letting them concentrate on their core business and is making them focus more on infrastructure. When an in-house technician resolves an issue, there remains the problem of no root cause analysis documentation to prevent it in the future and this creates confusion if the same problem arises. 

Increase ROI With Remote Infrastructure Management 

This is where a Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) service provider can help in resolving the issue immediately with the expertise of a skilled workforce who can improve the time-to-market reach for the business along with a detailed root cause analysis documentation it prevents the same problems happening in the future. A RIM service provider can help resolve the issue remotely after the issue was raised, even if his/her troubleshooting methods doesn’t work the technician raises it to another one of a higher level to resolve it immediately. Which is not the case for Remote helpdesk as the time taken for a technician to reach on-premise is high and if the issue is not resolved with his domain knowledge it takes more time till it reaches the next level technician. This creates disruption in a business’s productivity and makes them worry more about infrastructure in the future than concentrating on delivery to the end-user.

 A RIM service provider through a global delivery model can improve infrastructure availability to the needs of a business without letting the business concentrate on it and increase its ROI. As a RIM service provider improves the uptime through ITIL compliant processes and SLA driven engagement to reduce incidents by constantly monitoring and managing the infrastructure remotely. It reduces the level of incidents considerably lower than what it was before and helps the business to concentrate on core business. Opsnoc Veeras

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Benefits of choosing “OPSNOC” for Remote Infrastructure Management service

Today, organisations face a considerable challenge to effectively optimize IT infrastructure on- premise. The source of the problem is traced to not setting clear standards and vagueness in delivery. A recent Nasscom study estimates that forty to sixty percent of the overall infrastructure management services can be effectively delivered through global delivery models. So, Veeras created “OPSNOC” (On Demand Platform, Security Services & Network Operation Centre) as Remote InfrastructureManagement (RIM) service to define deliverables, a global delivery model setting standards and clearly state how a customer can optimize IT infra On-Premise.

Benefits Of OPSNOC

We ensure high availability for your data through data centre management with implementation of software solutions along with the migration of previous deployments and UC&C (unified communication and collaboration) solutions as part of our network management. Through proactive monitoring of incidents in firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, we help you face the problem and change it with configuration management. We maintain your assets by managing software licences, usages, installation and uninstallation while managing patches for security. Through ITIL compliant processes and Service Level Agreement driven engagement our Remote Infrastructure Management(RIM) solution “OPSNOC” manage every aspect of your infrastructure to improve productivity under a fixed or customizable package. OpsnocVeeras

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Benefits of OPSNOC in adherence to your Business

With IT Infrastructure at its heart for an enterprise it would be a worst nightmare for any CIO to let it fail because of the complexities involved in maintaining seamless operations and delivery. So, we at Veeras came up with “OPSNOC” (On-demand Platform, Security Services & Network Operation Centre) our flagship Service to reduce the hassles for any IT department’s Infrastructure needs through our Remote Infrastructure Managementservices(RIMS) to improve your productivity and deliverance of products to your end-user.

What  OPSNOC all about?

To save costs and prepare you for the adoption of next generation Infrastructure solutions we let you decide on a platform of your choice from our esteemed partners through a clearly priced offering from any of our plans or a customizable plan. So, that it helps your developers combine the right mixture of them to meet your business demand. Which will reduce at least 10 to 20 percent of your costs and with this deployment you can enjoy efficiency and shorter provisioning time with any platform.

As, hardware gets outdated very quickly for any enterprise imagine the cost if you invest in it when it goes obsolete after three years from the date of purchase, But with us you can get a hardware upgrades as part of your SLA. With the availability of round the clock support if a security issue raises you can depend on us for support as we will get you patches, fixes and updates much faster and better than any in-house team and since our security experts work with firewalls, VPN’s and Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS) all the time we can solve a problem within a very less time which might take hours for you to figure and fix it out.

And with our dedicated team of technicians who monitor and control multiple networks in our Network Operation Centre you can enjoy uptime with your network. And since NOC is a part of our offering in our service you’ll be able to support more devices and do less hiring and training of internal staff and our support to us will grow with every new installs and scaling back after uninstalling those agents which allow you to pay for what you use making it easier to concentrate on your core business without taking on risky staffing costs.

With our highly trained professionals working round the clock to improve your productivity and deliverance  you can be assured of concentrating on your core business and providing good experience to your end-users while we take care of your Infrastructure solutions through our Remote infrastructure management solutions. Opsnoc Veeras

Monday, 7 November 2016

OPSNOC is all about delivery of IT services to exceed your highest expectations

In the present IT Infrastructure service scenario, every business wants its core business to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) for a competitive edge in achieving Business goals and objectives. By increasing scalability and bringing in flexibility for delivery to overcome your downtime while obtaining 100% seamless IT operations, through our remote infrastructure management solutions. 

How Opsnoc affect Your IT landscape

Overview of OPSNOC in today’s IT landscape:

OPSNOC service by Veeras brings our innate capabilities to deliver high reliability and availability to meet your dynamic business needs. Your business can leverage on our expertise in transformational models like SaaS, IaaS and PaaS to change your Infrastructure landscape through our remote infrastructure management solutions. Our comprehensive infrastructure solutions service is to implement, manage or deploy critical systems as different packages which can be customized to your needs for clarity and defined deliverance of critical technologies.

Concentrate on your Business challenge in delivering to the end-user than worrying about Infrastructure:

We deploy efficient and around the clock available security service through our NOC for your infrastructure. With a great framework to manage security challenges to monitor, prevent and detect at endpoints from vulnerabilities accessing to APTs in your network through our alliances with Symantec, McAfee Palo Alto, checkpoint and We, address the critical needs of security implementation and operations which you can benefit from for your ease in deliverance. To reduce expenses and have leverage on communication enabled business processes and increase productivity, we handle converged infrastructure model for voice, data, messaging and other applications over a data network.

How OPSNOC deliver to your needs:

OPSNOC’s remote infrastructure management solutions helps to increase agility, flexibility, readability and reduce TCO in your IT infrastructure solution needs. As, with roaming users who are on travel, multi-various technologies at the backend while you strive to provide the best user-experience, we give you the deliverance to concentrate on what you do best. As, concentration on IT Infrastructure and security scenarios is not what your business is all about, it’s about seamless delivery to end-users.  And through resolving these issues with remote infrastructure management as a solution we help you to obtain those results. Opsnoc veeras.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

How does a security framework help to prevent, detect, thwart and mitigate cyber threats

With the unprecedented growth of Managed security services market and the growing acceptance of Security-as-a-service delivery offered by cloud based companies for enterprises and small and medium businesses alike to reduce OPEX and CAPEX related security. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) need to up their ante in addressing the growing threat and their advanced threat protection (ATP) services.

To do that we need to have a Structured Advanced Threat Protection Framework to provide organisations an answer to the new class of advanced targeted attacks. And since there is no all in one solution to assure Protection from a Sophisticated targeted attack, MSSPs should deploy several security technologies with an eye to provide a complete ATP solution. And since, all the range of security software’s available has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. MSSPs should deploy the software’s in such a way that one software’s weakness can be compensated using another software.


“Prevention is better than cure”:

The first step is to prevent the intrusion of threats in to the network by deployment of purpose built software’s like antivirus, antimalware’s and, to prevent known threats from entering the network. Then through network behaviour analysis we should flag traffic and any activity indicative of an attack in progress like malformed protocols, anomalous traffic associated with vulnerability exploit attempts, Fast flux activity and more. Then we should authenticate legitimate users with the help of authentication software’s and ensure endpoint security in Mobile and BYOD environments.

“You have to be vigilant about keeping your own fire alive.”  Tift Merritt

The second step is to monitor and detect the suspicious unknown code through IPS and IDS software’s. So, we can sandbox it to analyse by sending it through a network sniffing device to know if it is malicious or not. If its malicious then we can move on to mitigate it as the third step.

“I think malware is a significant threat because the mitigation, like antivirus software, hasn't evolved to a point to really mitigate the risk to a reasonable degree.”- Kevin Mitnick

Upon detecting a threat through the sandbox an alarm will be raised to SOC and its customer to take immediate mitigation to ensure the safety of resources and data. At the same time the response is taken for the improvement of gateway services for fixes and implementing it on all security layers and being delivered to different security enforcement points to update Antivirus and Intrusion prevention systems signatures and So, that the threat will be known in all levels and can prevent the threat in the future.

This complete framework’s flexibility in terms of all available options allows MSSP to tailor the best ATP service for each customer’s need.