Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Components of Remote Infrastructure Management in relation to a business

When it comes to disaster management will you consider an inexperienced technician or an experienced technician. If you choose the latter option, then Remote infrastructure management (RIM) is the right solution for you as they have more experience in handling seamless integration of IT resources better than an in-house technician. Most of today’s CIO’s have started to recognise that a RIM service provider is the best option to take care of IT resources. A good testament would be the moving of many SMB and large enterprise’s Infrastructure needs to employing a RIM service provider in recent times than investing heavily in IT resources to reduce costs. 

Component of RIM
IT service desk is the first point of contact for a business and it is where the handling of incidents, requests and providing of an interface for other ITIL processes happens. Through server management a RIM service provider monitors, maintains, secures and optimizes the server along with server setup tasks. A RIM service provider oversees your desktops, laptops and other computing devices as a part of desktop management remotely to improve uptimes. By storage management a RIM service provider virtualises, duplicates and compresses storage to utilize it in a better way. With the help of a Network Operation centre a RIM service provider monitors and mitigate security incidents as a part of security management for a business and maintain its data integrity to have a competitive edge. Because of network management a RIM service provider alerts administrators to anomalies and help take a preventive measure before the problem escalates, which increases the success of the business in the long term. 

OPSNOC is a Remote Infrastructure management service by Veeras that takes care of your Infrastructure needs and helps you achieve your core business objectives effectively.

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