Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Benefits of OPSNOC in adherence to your Business

With IT Infrastructure at its heart for an enterprise it would be a worst nightmare for any CIO to let it fail because of the complexities involved in maintaining seamless operations and delivery. So, we at Veeras came up with “OPSNOC” (On-demand Platform, Security Services & Network Operation Centre) our flagship Service to reduce the hassles for any IT department’s Infrastructure needs through our Remote Infrastructure Managementservices(RIMS) to improve your productivity and deliverance of products to your end-user.

What  OPSNOC all about?

To save costs and prepare you for the adoption of next generation Infrastructure solutions we let you decide on a platform of your choice from our esteemed partners through a clearly priced offering from any of our plans or a customizable plan. So, that it helps your developers combine the right mixture of them to meet your business demand. Which will reduce at least 10 to 20 percent of your costs and with this deployment you can enjoy efficiency and shorter provisioning time with any platform.

As, hardware gets outdated very quickly for any enterprise imagine the cost if you invest in it when it goes obsolete after three years from the date of purchase, But with us you can get a hardware upgrades as part of your SLA. With the availability of round the clock support if a security issue raises you can depend on us for support as we will get you patches, fixes and updates much faster and better than any in-house team and since our security experts work with firewalls, VPN’s and Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS) all the time we can solve a problem within a very less time which might take hours for you to figure and fix it out.

And with our dedicated team of technicians who monitor and control multiple networks in our Network Operation Centre you can enjoy uptime with your network. And since NOC is a part of our offering in our service you’ll be able to support more devices and do less hiring and training of internal staff and our support to us will grow with every new installs and scaling back after uninstalling those agents which allow you to pay for what you use making it easier to concentrate on your core business without taking on risky staffing costs.

With our highly trained professionals working round the clock to improve your productivity and deliverance  you can be assured of concentrating on your core business and providing good experience to your end-users while we take care of your Infrastructure solutions through our Remote infrastructure management solutions. Opsnoc Veeras

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