Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Benefits of choosing “OPSNOC” for Remote Infrastructure Management service

Today, organisations face a considerable challenge to effectively optimize IT infrastructure on- premise. The source of the problem is traced to not setting clear standards and vagueness in delivery. A recent Nasscom study estimates that forty to sixty percent of the overall infrastructure management services can be effectively delivered through global delivery models. So, Veeras created “OPSNOC” (On Demand Platform, Security Services & Network Operation Centre) as Remote InfrastructureManagement (RIM) service to define deliverables, a global delivery model setting standards and clearly state how a customer can optimize IT infra On-Premise.

Benefits Of OPSNOC

We ensure high availability for your data through data centre management with implementation of software solutions along with the migration of previous deployments and UC&C (unified communication and collaboration) solutions as part of our network management. Through proactive monitoring of incidents in firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, we help you face the problem and change it with configuration management. We maintain your assets by managing software licences, usages, installation and uninstallation while managing patches for security. Through ITIL compliant processes and Service Level Agreement driven engagement our Remote Infrastructure Management(RIM) solution “OPSNOC” manage every aspect of your infrastructure to improve productivity under a fixed or customizable package. OpsnocVeeras

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