Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Considerations inside cloud migration

Cloud Migration is a complicated and intricate process. There are few factors that needs to be considered when an organization is migrating to cloud.

Data Management:
Data management should be a priority when moving to cloud. Have an archival and DR strategy in place. Data frequently used by users that does not change should be near the user. This can be in the form of cache.

Cloud Consideration: 

Application Migration Approaches:
 We should promptly plan for application migration based on short and long term business goals.
  •         Virtualization:

                Virtualization facilitates quick and easy migration of cloud as no alteration is required.
  •         Application migration:

                  In this process application goes through a minimal architectural modification to make it optimal for cloud deployment.
  •          Application Refactoring:

                  This model requires major revamp of application right from the architecture to make use of the latest technology stack.

This is mainly done for platform compatibility issues.

  An organization may have their own application and want to retain it in their premises, they also want this application to communicate to the applications in the cloud. This could lead to performance issues if the applications are not properly integrated.

 The applications should have a cloud based license to be deployed effectively in the cloud.

Since your application/ Data will not be on premise and will be sharing space in the cloud provider’s data-center with other organization’s application there is a need to make sure that the applications are securely protected from threats.

Automation is one of the major advantages of cloud migration. Try to leverage automation as much as possible in your cloud infrastructure. This can enhance performance.

Network configuration
Communication between internal applications should not be through the internet to minimize costs and security risks. External communication can be through internet.

Vendor Lock In
Vendor lock in can happen with cloud providers as integration between different cloud providers is a difficult proposition. So when looking for a cloud provider it is best to compare all the features before choosing any particular cloud vendor. veeras.com


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